Est. 2018

Est. 2018

"When we throw down 

Our special brand of sound 

We welcome all people to come sing and dance with us"

- Allan Combs' Soul Medicine

In January of 2018, Allan assembled a group that had a main focus of helping him perform songs from his solo album as well as write original music. Allan tapped a local duo of musicians he often jammed with at open mics in the area. This group was named "Soul Medicine" after a song that Allan and Tim had written and recorded in studio the previous year. "Allan Combs' Soul Medicine" original formation consists of Tim Latshaw on Bass/Vocals and Sean Madden on Drums/Vocals. In June 2019, the band released it's self-titled debut EP. The end of 2019 marked the entrance of two new members of the group; Mark Sosnoskie on Trumpet and Cody Zakahario on Saxophone and Keys. 2020 will see the release of the group's first full length album.Together they play "Groove-infused Rhythm and Blues" ! You can catch them playing originals and uniquely arranged cover tunes all over Pennsylvania and New York.


Allan Combs' Soul Medicine released their Self-Titled Debut EP on May 23, 2019.

Allan Combs' Soul Medicine will release their Debut LP in early 2020.