Lessons with AC II

A little about me..

I have been performing live in the Mid-Atlantic region for the past 8 years and giving lessons since 2018. I began by traveling to my student’s houses and giving lessons in their homes. In late 2018, I began hosting lessons out of my home in Lewisburg, PA. This allowed me to have multiple students in one day; the process streamlined my lessons while still allowing me time to travel to some students on occasion. Lessons resumed at the Lewisburg location until the pandemic of 2020. I am looking forward to having a new space to host lessons in 2024.

Notable things about Lessons with AC II

  • No instrument? No problem! AC II has acoustic and electric guitars that can be played at the lessons.
  • Need strings, a capo, or a guitar strap? AC II has some guitar accessories available for purchase for students.
  • Want just one lesson with all the things? I can help you with that, too.
  • Do you want to learn guitar WITH a friend? AC II offers discounted rates to groups of 2 or more beginner guitarists.

A little dedication, time, good instruction, and someone to hold you accountable is all you need to become a great player!






Mr. Allan has been my daughter's guitar teacher for a little over a year.  He is so kind and patient with her.  He gives her the confidence to pursue learning guitar.  He has gone above and beyond what a typical teacher would do.  My daughter enjoys her lessons knowing how kind he is.  She's developed her guitar skills so well over the last year as he takes the time to work with her and teach her.  


-Meredith C.