One rainy evening, deep in the bowels of the Bloomsburg, PA dive-bar scene, Tanner Bingaman found himself plum-drunk and giddily gazing through the evening haze at Allan Combs II as Allan grooved on the funky-blues fusion of his 6-string playing and gritty vocals. It was a dingy bar they had both played many times as solo acts, though they never crossed paths until that day. Tanner crashed Allan's gig, retrieving his banjo from the car and asking Allan if he could sit in and pick a few. Allan obliged, and an outrageous set of improvisations ensued, leaving the duo crazy smiling and the TV-glued bar attendees downright confused. Tanner thanked Allan for sharing the set, and they exchanged information, hoping to do it again sometime. Neither of them expected over a half decade would pass before they shared melodies together once more. 

.   .   .

Tanjo & Crow is a no-holds-barred exploration of roots music through distinctive songwriting, Appalachian arrangements, and seemingly fearless improvisation. The project draws upon the diverse musical backgrounds of Tanner Bingaman (guitar, banjo, vocals), Allan Combs II (guitar, vocals), and Eric Avey (upright bass, vocals).